We now have genealogical information compiled for the following New Toronto families (more to come).  The family trees posted here are either contributed by the family members or have been obtained solely through public records, such as the 1881, 1901 and 1911 Canadian censuses.  Every effort is made to suppress the details for living people unless permission is provided by that persion.  If you wish to contribute to this list, or have any concerns or corrections to the information posted here, please contact our secretary at [email protected].


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Key family names


W.E Baycroft

Founder of the first funeral home in New Toronto

W.E.’s widow, Edith, married widower George E Janes


Dr. Nelson H. Beemer

the first superintendent of the Mimico Asylum in New Toronto


Laurie Caron

secretary of the New Toronto Historical Society


George Ironside

the first reeve of New Toronto


Etta Kelusky Wylie

You will find a full story on Etta on our Street Names page. 

Etta is the mother of Lucille Gamble, swim champion, and grandmother of our president, Wendy Gamble. 


Garnet Janes, New Toronto Welfare Officer, and

Father, George E. Janes, reeve of New Toronto


Mabel Alice Northcote

Her father Charles owned the land which is around today’s Fifth/Sixth streets shown on the 1878 Etobicoke map

Mabel was married to one of New Toronto’s reeves, George E Janes


Gus Ryder

Swim coach for Marilyn Bell, Lucille Gamble and others


Dr. John R. Serson

Mimico doctor with the first New Toronto telephone number (#1)


C.W Wylie

founded Wylie Press Limited in New Toronto